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Portrait Photography

On certain days of our lives, like a wedding day, we wish time could stand still so we can hold on to the moment for as long as possible.


A beautiful and unique wedding portrait allows you to do just that. A good wedding portrait captures everything about the day: the feelings, the mood, the sense of possibility. The images become cherished treasures that you return to again and again over the years. You may even end up sharing them with your grandchildren someday.


At Hitched Photo, our approach to creating memorable portraits is to build a connection with our clients so we can bring out what’s special about them, both individually and as a couple. Then, we use all the tools at our disposal as photographers—setting, lighting, composition, props, posing, etc.—to create a stunning visual story of you on your special day.


You can view a portfolio of some of our favorite portrait work here. We hope that this sparks some creative dreaming for your own portrait session.

We’d love to be part of your special day. You can reach out to us here.