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About Barry

Expressive. Soulful. Intimate.


These are the words I’ve chosen to guide my photographic style. Hi, I’m Barry… a self-admitted photography nerd and student of the world.

I’ve always had a creative streak though I lack the iconic twisted mustache, black frame spectacles and tweed sports coat associated with your stereotypical artist.

I first picked up a camera when my passion for traveling inspired me to see the world. A worn passport represents the arena in which I’ve chosen to hone my craft.

Over the years I’ve begun to realize more and more the importance of photos and what they mean to peoples lives.

Quite often I find myself struck by old photos of people that have touched my life and it feels like a gift to be able to pay that forward. 

Aside from photography I’m also an avid surfer and musician. I love warm water, film, good conversation and Mexican food. I also like Pina Coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain.

If I could be anything other than a photographer I’d probably be behind the drums kicking the bass for a band that gets peoples hips movin’.

One of these days I plan to build a Spanish influenced loft somewhere on the beach in Latin America and spend my dying days enjoying life with my family and surfing until my arms fall off. 

I’m looking forward to what the future brings and creating some beautiful memories with my clients and friends along the way.

Other examples of my work can be found at www.barryhackett.com | www.backpackingbarry.com