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Hello There!Why

First off... Congratulations to you and the amazing person reading this over your shoulder. You guys are getting married! And if not, you may have accidentally stumbled across this website, in which case... welcome! This is the digital home of Hitched Photo, a passionate little corner of the internet created by two easy going artists named Barry Hackett & Dipan Desai. We're just a couple clicks away from answering all the questions you scribbled reading The Knot and we'd be more than happy to share the lessons we've learned shooting hundreds of weddings in our career.



The Team


There are a couple things you should probably know about wedding photographers, whether for an intimate elopement ceremony or traditional wedding. Namely, that you're most likely gonna be spending more time with us on your wedding day than each other, so it'll probably be important that you find us fun to be around. And we try to make that easy for you by just being generally awesome.


The second thing you probably want to know is who you're hiring. Long story short... We're a couple of light hearted and enthusiastic photographers that honed our craft by doing exactly what you're thinking of hiring us to do. And guess what? We love it with a passion. In fact we love it so much that after all this time we continually challenge ourselves to keep getting better at what we do by pushing the limits of our own creativity. But if you must know, for us it all began with a desire to broaden our horizons through travel and surfing. And what happens when you go on a surf trip? You bring a camera and a bar of wax of course!


Third thing you probably want clarified. Dipan is pronounced [Dip-inn] like the ice cream, and Barry won't be offended when you call him Brian or Bobby. Yes these things happen... a lot.



Why Hitched Photo?


That's a great question. We're here to help you solve a little problem. You need a photographer and you're searching for the perfect one. If you like what you're about to read then we might just be that bottle of water in the desert. Let's be honest, we know you're looking at 2 or 3 other talented photographers at the moment and we totally commend your expedient preparedness. After all, it's your day and it only happens once.


Our Portfolio. You might notice a sense of consistency to the content as you browse through our galleries and that's what you know you can expect from us and our team. If you love that fresh, clean, light and airy look then you're in the right place. That's the way we shoot, and that's the way we edit.


Workflow. We all have one and ours is benefited from the fact that we offer photo, video and photo booth services all under one brand. Not only does that save you time and cellular data perusing the web, but it also means that you have a team that knows how to work together without crossing wires or missing important moments.


Professionalism. Clearly, we're light hearted but we put a Capital "P" on the word Professionalism. Throughout the process we're prompt and responsive to your emails and and we stay on top of the process from the initial inquiry to well beyond the day you say "I do". This is reflected by our 5 star rating across all digital platforms. Go ahead and shoot us an email. We got you!


"Aside from all the things we have to let you know about ourselves, the most important thing is you. We want you to enjoy the experience of your wedding day and we make it enjoyable by bringing a cheerful and fun attitude with lots of positive energy. "


Creating with Passion


You can’t truly appreciate a wedding unless you know the hard work and love that goes into each. As photographers we don’t see a wedding as just another shoot. We know your wedding will be the most important day in your life. In our eyes, your wedding day is to be cherished and we're incredibly humbled & honored when you choose us to capture your love story.


So what's Next?


Dive into some of our galleries and get a feel for our style. If our work resonates with you then smash that contact button and flatter us with compliments. We'll absorb them with appreciation and then get back to you to schedule a consultation. If we're out shooting it's all good, our robot assistant Francesca will keep track of your info and let us know you said hello.


We're looking forward to making your dreams a reality. Thanks so much for stopping by and we look forward to connecting!