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My name is Dipan Desai and I was born and raised in Torrance, CA. I’ve lived in the South Bay my entire life and I absolutely love it.

The main reason for getting into photography was that I found myself continually traveling to amazing countries and wanted to photograph all that I’d seen with something better than your normal point and shoot camera.

As I started shooting more, I realized that I loved taking great photos and editing them to really fit my artistic vision.

From there I started investing in better equipment and proper training to shoot everything from weddings and newborns to families, pets, and anything else that I could photograph.

Fast forward to now, Barry and I decided to combine our years of photography training, experience and love for being behind the lens and capturing amazing moments to launch Hitched Photo, our official wedding photography business.

When I’m not focusing on photography I’m working with my brother at HDX Mix, a beverage company we started together. Being surfers we wanted to create a healthy alternative to all the over-sugared and over-caffeinated sports drink out there while maintaining an environmentally friendly drink mix.

If I’m not working at either of these then I’m spending time with my lovely wife Natalie and our 2  mutts Smokey and Bentley.

But it’s more than likely you’ll find me  out surfing somewhere in the South Bay. 

If you want to get to know me better check out www.dipandesai.com  or for some of my other work or check out my Facebook page.