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Family Photography

As wedding photographers, we specialize in making time stand still and pinning down moments, so that whenever you look at the photos from your big day, you are instantly transported back to everything that made the moment special, unforgettable, and one you want to remember always.


We realized that this desire to preserve and document isn’t just limited to couples on their wedding day—it’s also something that families are always wishing they could do more of. From baby’s first steps to getting your first family dog to a simple picnic at the beach, there are so many special moments that we all want to remember with the crystal clarity that professional photography can offer.


Our approach to family portrait photography is exactly the same as our approach to wedding photography. We become part of your family for the day, going the extra mile to put you at ease so you can relax and we can take photos that capture you at your best and most natural. We don’t try to turn our clients into friends—it usually just happens on its own after spending time getting to know each other and bringing out your best side.


So just who are we? We’re Barry Hackett and Dipan Desai, two passionate and free-spirited photographers who came to the camera through a love of travel and connecting with people. After shooting hundreds of weddings together, we’ve collected a lot of experience, wisdom, and expertise, and we’d love to share it with you and your family in a memorable day of shooting photos and bonding as a family.

We’d love to be part of your family for a day. You can reach out to us here.