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Wedding FAQ


Where did Hitched Photo Originate?

That’s a great question. It actually all began over a kitchen table. I remember the day we decided to collaborate creatively to make this thing a living, breathing, photographic endeavor. Hitched Photo as an institution is interesting because both Dipan and Barry take our work very personally, but sometimes we’re hidden behind the veil of the name Hitched Photo itself.

How would you describe your style?

In four simple words. Crisp, Colorful, Light, and Airy. Oh… and a touch of vintage. Wait was that five words? Here’s the thing, the style of an artist is a constantly evolving creature and we’ve certainly been along for the ride. It’s taken a while but we’ve developed a photographic style that we feel our prospective clients can count on when they book with us. We both love the look and feel of film and we’ve matured into an editing style that attempts to reflect that love we feel for the long forgotten days of the dark room.

What is your photographic process like on wedding day?

I learned a great concept from the renowned Philadelphia based photographer Cliff Matthews who said “I don’t stage moments, I set the stage for moments to happen”. We couldn’t agree more. We aren’t into completely staging moments, however we do make a great effort to set the stage for moments to take place by recommending the most ideal locations and lighting around a chosen venue.

If we walk into a room with horrible orange light and the bride’s getting her makeup done in some boring corner of the room we have no problem gently suggesting to move the chair near a location with gorgeous window light and killing the overhead mixed lighting. Close a few curtains to shape and direct the light and then we fall back and let the story unfold until it’s time to dive into a few thoughtfully considered poses. That time naturally always occurs and we’re ready for both.

Who will be my photographer?

Hitched Photo is a team of master photographers and your photographer will be chosen 2-3 months before your wedding date.

Do you book multiple weddings on any given day? 

Yes we do, however, our Photography teams are limited and It’s first come first serve.

Do you have an office?

We are a service based business operating out of Torrance, CA and we strive to keep our operating expenses as low as possible to pass the savings along to our lovely clients.

Do you travel for destination Weddings? Oh my gosh…Yes!! Absolutely. The opportunity to travel is something we really enjoy and embrace. If you’re going, we’d love to tag along. The furthest we’ve gone to date was Nepal. That was an incredible experience and one I’ll personally never forget. Truth be told, travel and the love of exploration is what originally inspired us both to pick up a camera in the first place.

Do you edit all photographs, and how many will I receive?

A good rule of thumb is about 60 – 100 photos per hour.  A typical wedding lasting eight hours will generally result in about 600 to 1,000 delivered images although we probably shoot 2 x 3 times that amount. Many of the photos are duplicate or triplicate making sure we get the sharpest photo possible. Once we get back to the editing bay we go through the painstaking process of culling through the best of the best. Then we edit every single acceptable photo and deliver full sized high resolution jpg. format images in tidy little folders that we’ve setup to keep things organized.

How long until we see our images?

We usually get photos edited and delivered within 6-8 weeks… but delivery may vary depending on time of year. As a business we try to under promise and over deliver at every opportunity.

Should we hire a wedding coordinator?

Oh yeah! A coordinator definitely saves unnecessary costs for couples and allows the day to flow more smoothly. If price is a hurdle you might consider hiring someone just for the day of the wedding.

Are you licensed and insured?

All of the above. A lot of venues require insurance for vendors to do business on the premises and we have all of our bases covered. If your venue requires them to be named on our insurance policy great just let us know and we will get the certificate over to them.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do.

Why do you charge sales tax?

We don’t charge tax we just collect it. The final product results in a tangible good. We are therefore, required by law to charge sales tax at the local rate. Good ol’ Uncle Sam.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a retainer of 20% of your package total amount is required to hold your wedding date. The remaining balance is to be paid no later than 30 days before the scheduled event.

How do we book a date?

Contact us via our contact page and we’ll get back to you lickty split. We’d love to speak with you about your wedding considerations. Thanks for checking us out!! And congrats on the engagement!

Torrance, CA Wedding Photography

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