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First Looks


The million dollar question. Should we do a first look?

If we had it our way we we’d do the first look 100% of the time. A first look is a brief, romantic opportunity for the bride and groom to do a little show and tell before the ceremony takes place. Although it’s not for everyone, we find that a planned first look allows for the bride and groom to experience a very intimate moment on their wedding day.  Also, it allows time to further express their most authentic emotions on their own, freeing up more time for us to capture some amazing shots while alleviating time constraints that are commonly associated with a wedding. It becomes especially important on tightly scheduled wedding days and during the winter months when natural light is a lot less available. Above all it’s a lot of fun and we’ve never had a couple look back and wish they had done it any differently.

Still not convinced? Here’s some more reasons:

Hair and make-up is freshly done and looks awesome a.k.a. you haven’t cried yet

Get the bridal party photos taken BEFORE the ceremony

After the ceremony, you’ll feel more relaxed knowing most of the photographs have been taken

Have the option to interact with guests during cocktail hour

You won’t have to keep guests waiting for an extensive period of time

Increased flexibility in achieving the perfect shots you’re looking for

Mom & Dad will get over it. They always do.

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