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Destination Wedding Photography

When planning a destination wedding, one of the most crucial elements of the planning process is booking the perfect photographer.


Most destination weddings have a limited guest list. This allows for a gorgeous venue, an intimate ceremony, and more time for capturing those perfect moments!


After the ceremony of your dreams, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve captured the essence of the day through photos. You’ll want to share your beautiful photos with family and friends back home that did not attend.


We can go with you to…


  • Southern Europe, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Cyprus
  • Faroe Islands, Iceland, Crete
  • Mediterranean
  • Connect with us for other destinations you may have in mind


While planning any wedding is a monumental task, planning a destination wedding is exceptionally challenging. That’s why we’re here to help.


Keep reading to hear the most common questions people have about destination wedding photography!


Should You Hire a Venue-Based Wedding Photographer?


For a destination wedding, you have two options for photography: a photographer located at your destination that is familiar with the venue, or a photographer near you that is willing to travel.


Many couples start out believing that hiring a photographer close to their venue is the more convenient choice. The pros of this option are that it could potentially save you money and it will be easier to confirm availability with this photographer.


However, what you gain in convenience, you may lose in quality, reliability, and overall energy.


Many brides and grooms report that they spend more time with their photographer on their wedding day than their spouse-to-be! When taking that into account, the energy and vibe that your photographer brings has a huge effect on the overall day.


Additionally, an excellent photographer is an excellent photographer, no matter the venue.


Choosing a photographer that brings consistent energy and personality to each event they shoot is something to prioritize.


Hiring a photographer that will maintain communication with you before, during, and after the event is absolutely essential. The biggest nightmare a wedding couple can face is a photographer that provides poor communication once your wedding day is over.


For other travel photography costs to calculate into your wedding budget, you can discuss with us:


  • Airfare (plus baggage fees for equipment)
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Meal budget per day (if multiple-day visit)
  • Vendor meal for the day of the wedding
  • Rental car (if needed)


What Factors Should I Consider When Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer?


When selecting the perfect destination wedding photographer, here are the top factors to take into consideration:


  • Quality: Above all, your selected photographer’s work should speak for itself. Look for a high level of quality throughout their galleries.
  • Personality: Have you ever run into a person where your energies just don’t match? This could be catastrophic on your wedding day. Be sure to meet with your photographer to ensure they are easy-going, professional, and have your wedding vision in mind.
  • Price: Make sure you create an ample budget for your wedding photography. Having a number in mind before you search will help you find the perfect fit.


Now you know all the factors to consider when hiring a destination wedding photographer. If you have any questions about Hitched Photo, or you’re interested in our other services such as engagement sessions or family photography , please don’t hesitate to contact us .